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 원문출처 : ariel's treasure



The mosaic process is a combination of sculpture and painting.

Pieces of tile and stone are shaped to fit their neighbors in order

to create a pictorial image. Elements of perspective and color

and composition are resolved in order to afford a painterly quality

to the mosaic.





                   Floral Landscape 2005 - made with convex and concave glass shards






                   Nature Study II - is made using glass shards, aragonite (red crystal),

                   fluorite (light blue), red calcite, tangerine quartz, pyrite, iridescent shell,

                   fossilized coral, citrine, and amethyst.






                   Dutch Landscape 2004 - The sun is made from charoite (purple). The

                   brown stone to the lower right is stromatolite (fossilized algae). the aqua

                   colored stone in the lower left corner is a agregate of chrysocolla (aqua),

                   malachite, (green), and quartz (white).






                    Landscape with Two Rivers 2004 - This mosaic is made using glass shards

                    which are convex and concave.






                   Floral Study #2 - The frame is made from ceramic tile, glass gems and

                   amethyst crystals. The flowers are made using: chevron amethyst,

                   howlite, yellow quartz, zebra marble, tiger-eye, yellow jasper, carnelian,

                   rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, turritella agate, leopard skin jasper,

                   citrine, blue lace agate, unakite, jade and aventurine.






                   Pleasant Thoughts 2005 - This mosaic is made using ceramic tile, glass

                   shards and lapidary.






                   Piano Music






                    A Little English 2003 - The cue sticks are made using Pergo wood laminate.

                    The billiard balls are made using glass marbles. The pockets are tiger eye.

                    The juke box in the upper right is made with hickoryite, mirror and nickel.






                   Hora Dance - The frame is made of iridescent pink and glossy black glass

                   gems. The corners have amethyst crystals combined with green glass gems

                   to create a fleuret design.  In larger mosaics like this, there are as many as

                   thirty varieties of stones and minerals combined with stained glass, mirror

                   and other objects.






                    Batter’s Swing - made using ceramic tile and tigereye. Grout joints and

                    baseball are painted to accentuate the action of those lines.






                   Nisqually 2001, - This mosaic was made with glass chards from work that

                   glass artist, Dale Chihuly, lost in the Nisqually earthquake. Additionally,          

                    it features a snowflake obsidian (volcanic glass) sky with spheres carved

                    from rhodonite, labradorite, moss agate, and yellow jasper.    







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