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Howard Hodgkin

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Howard Hodgkin was educated at Bryanston School in Dorset.  His early paintings tend to be

made up of hard-edged curved forms in a limited number of colours. Around the beginning of the

1970s, his style became more spontaneous, with vaguely recognisable shapes presented in

bright colours and bold forms. His works might be called "semi-abstract", and are often compared

to Henri Matisse.

Hodgkin's paintings often seek to convey memories of encounters with friends and frequently carry

titles alluding to specific places and events such as Dinner at West Hill (1966) and Goodbye to the

Bay of Naples (1980–82). Hodgkin himself has said that he paints "representational pictures of

emotional situations".




                   Dinner at West Hill, 1964 - 1966, Tate Gallery, U.K.



His prints are hand-painted etchings and he has worked with the same master printer (Jack Shirreff

at 107 Workshop) and print publisher (Alan Cristea Gallery) for the last 25 years.

Despite their apparent spontaneity and usually small scale, many of Hodgkin's paintings take years

to complete, with him returning to a work after a wait and then changing it or adding to it. He often

paints over the frames of his pictures, emphasising the idea of the painting as an object. Several of

his works are on wooden items, such as bread-boards or the tops of old tables, rather than canvas.

A number of his works not shown in frames are surrounded by rectangles of simple colour.




                   Gardening 1960 - 1963, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, U. K.






                  The Hopes at Home Painting, 1973 - 1977, Manchester City Galleries



In 1984, Hodgkin represented Britain at the Venice Biennale, in 1985 he won the Turner Prize, and in

1992 he was knighted. In 2003 he was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II as a Companion of Honour.

A major exhibition of his work was held at Tate Britain, London, in 2006.           





                  Red Bermuda 1978 - 1989, Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.






                  Moonlight, 1980, Gouache and lithograph on paper






                  Moroccan Door, 1990, Tate Gallery, U.K.






                  Night & Day, 1997 - 1999, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia






                  Norwich, 1999, Etching and Carborundum on paper






                  Sky's the limit, 2003, print





                  For Jack, 2005, Aquatint and carborundum etching with hand painting










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