Lecture Concert

모차르트 : 아르뛰르 그뤼미오/클라라 하스킬~*

미뉴엣♡ 2019. 12. 27. 14:25







                        ●★ 모차르트 ; 바이올린 소나타 K.301 / K.304 / K.376 / K.378 ★●




                           Arthur Grumiaux / Clara Haskil ; 모차르트 연주의 명인들입니다

                           아르뛰르 그루미오는 벨기에 출신 명 바이올리니스트, 클라라 하스킬은

                           동유럽-부카레스트 출신의 명 피아니스트로 2차 대전 동시대의 명

                           연주자들로 특히 클라라 하스킬은 대단한 피아노의 천재로 4살때부터

                           그 천재성이 전해집니다 어쨋든 모차르트 소나타의 명 듀오라 할 수

                           있는 아르뛰르 그뤼미오 /클라라 하스킬의 모차르트 바이올린 소나타

                           K.301 - K.304 - K.376 - K.378.. 명작 명연에서 모차르트의 순수성을

                           만나보시길 권유합니다~~* 




Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) - Four Sonatas for Piano & Violin

Violin Sonata in E minor, K 304
Allegro (00:00)
Tempo Di Menuetto (06:26)

Violin Sonata in B flat, K 378
Allegro moderato (11:55)
Andantino Sostenuto E Cantabile (17:55)
Rondo - Allegro (22:45)

Violin Sonata in F, K 376
Allegro (26:45)
Andante (30:11)
Rondo (35:49)

Violin Sonata in G, K 301
Allegro con Spirito (41:38)
Allegro (47:18)

Violin : Arthur Grumiaux
Piano : Clara Haskil
Stéréo recording in 1958, at Basel
Label : Philips

Born in Bucarest and orphaned at the age of four, Clara Haskil attracted attention as a child prodigy at the age of 10 with a performance of Mozart’s Piano Concerto in A, K.488, then studied at the Paris Conservatory with Alfred Cortot and, in the view of both Busoni and Paderewsky, was on the threshold of a great virtuoso career. Then fate struck her down. She spent the years of the First World War in the health resort of Berck in northern France, suffering from a spinal disease, scoliosis, for which she was confined to a plaster cast. After she had practised her way back, she occupied a position away from the limelight, as chamber music partner to Georges Enescu, Pablo Casals, and Eugène Ysaÿe. War and operation for brain tumour in 1942 hindered hers solo career once again. only in the early 1950’s, after depending for many years on the financial support of friends, did she begin to make her name as a great Mozart specialist. A fall on the steps of the railway station at Brussels ended a life that had never know optimism or a sense of victory, had been ill equipped to face everyday life, and was ruled by self-doubt, self-hatred, and depression.

Arthur Grumiaux’s career had also been disrupted by the Second World War, although he was spared severe hardship, poverty, and health worries. He soon conquered the concert platforms of the Old and New Worlds, and ‘’embodied all that was most happy, bright, and Apollonian in the art of his instrument’’ (Roseler). He studied with the legendary Georges Enescu, won several prestigious international contests, was teaching at the Brussels Conservatory as early as 1949, and is vividly remembered by posterity for the natural, noble manner in which he interpreted the classics. The recordings he made with Haskil, which were distinguished with many prizes, are head and shoulders above other recordings because of the inimitable symbiosis of expressive power, intelligence, taste, and humble sense of responsibility towards the work. A critic wrote : ‘’The Haskil-Grumiaux duo set standards without which later recordings might never have been possible.’’      Uwe Kraemer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart PLAYLIST (reference recordings) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Beethoven - Complete Violin Sonatas / Spring, Kreutzer.. (century’s Recording : Haskil/Grumiaux) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWZyt...

Click to buy the cd : https://www.amazon.com/Mozart-Violin-...







                                                                        ● 예술의 전당~(KCO 모차르트 프로젝트 - 12월 28일 2019) ●









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